from South Africa's Barefoot Photographer

Special thanks to the wonderful & beautiful people who have made these
amazing journeys possible.
Bruce White - for your tireless support on Canon Cameras.
Jaqueline Harmsen - for your understanding, honesty & guidance.

Samantha-Kaye &  Ashley Jonker - for your backing and belief in me.
Marion - for the encouragement & unwavering belief in me .
Malinda Bell - for being an Angel.
  Val Hill - for all the badgering and honest guidance.
"The Fox's" - Nick & Carol - your support & the "Most beautiful Place" I have lived.
Hotel Pension Christoph in Windhoek, Namibia - for Accommodation.

the late "Beast", for being there right there when most needed.

and the most important - the Universe and Un-nameable - for providing the wonders.

with thanks to : -
Namibian Authorities
Botswanian Authorities
Naukluft Park personel
SAN Parks.
Eric van Schil.

Wee Beastie - KIA Sportage 2.0 All Leather Interior

~ I wish you peace beyond all understanding ~

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