A few words about Journeys and I.
My interest in flowers was cultivated by my mother who showed infinite appreciation for them and was never to shy to steal a slip here or a seed there from her friends' gardens! As a little chap growing up in Pietermaritzburg the appreciation was passed to me. Being a bit of loner, I spent a lot of time walking around looking at flowers and appreciating the beauty in the colours and infinite variation in structure! If you have been in PMBurg in spring, and seen, in the early morning, the incredible green hues of the English Oaks as they sprout into new life, or in Virginia USA when the Maples and Oaks come to life again from Winter, you will understand.

Having earned my keep as a Fashion and Studio Photographer in the 70's, I had little desire to repeat that hectic lifestyle. So looked for a different outlet for my creativity. And many years later, with the Hikes into the wildernesses around the Eastern Cape, a beautiful world of wild flowers previously hidden from me emerged. This site is inspired by that beauty.

Travelling in and around Southern Africa has given me a perspective few overseas tourists are privileged to have. I travelled in the Namib Desert alone, stood in solitude many kilometers from the nearest soul and listened to the Desert come alive as the Sun set and the Moon rose! I have been pounded by the deluge and caressed by the mists of waterfalls in the Lowveld. How does one express appreciation for these experiences?

Thank you to the Universe and Un-nameable - for providing Divine Wonders, and the greatest journey a soul could have.

'I' come forth from the void into light,

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