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.'I' come forth from the void into light,
Pua mai au mai ka po iloko o ka malamalama,
Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.
-- Albert Einstein
Cancer is a Vitamin and Nutrient deficiency, not a dis-ease or a death sentence.
How often do you see animals in the wild  with Cancer? We humans are too "clever" and too lazy to eat correctly. And therefore fall prey to modern industry and their sales targets.
My journey into Health & Wellness started 16 years ago, when after years of constant tests and guesses, I realised that Organised Medicine had failed me. As they had my Mother, Father and recently my Brother. It was time to think for myself.
In 1995 my health was progressively deteriorating, and test after test, and visit after visit, payment after payment, and  there was no solution. I was told everything from  "You are allergic to your own sweat" to  "There is nothing left but to treat you with Chemo". And my favourite "Your Cholesterol is so high you will have a heart attack within a month and die". What utter nonsense, but it scared me to hell and into blind belief.
It turns out the solution to my problem lay in a 10 buck book called "The Ion Effect" by Fred Soyka. Which, by the way is still rejected by Organized Medicine.
In the interim I had remembered an  "Alternative Doctor",  who in 10 minutes diagnosed my symptoms being similar to an "Under active Thyroid", and could suggest a course of action to treat the cause. A few Homeopathic remedies and in a few months, I was up and fighting again. It was wonderful and amazing to feel well and  to look back and say "Wow, I was really sick, wasn't I ?"
So it was about then that I realised that I would have to take responsibility for my own Health, and that NO-ONE in Organised Medicine would. And further it occurred to me that they did not put the Whole being or Health & Wellness first but rather traded in Illness, Sickness and Symptoms with a lot of Fear tactics thrown in for their own Ego's.
Please understand I am not knocking MD's GP's or any form of Organised Medicine Practitioner. I am questioning the system that keeps them repressed and separated from useful knowledge. They are trained in SYMPTOMS not causes, and as a result know only "Slash, Burn and Poison!", as one narrator put it. Also understand that they were trained by someone in his 60's who had been trained 40 years earlier, and in turn he had been trained by someone who had trained 40 years before that. The result is "Modern Medicine" is 100 years behind. As it takes 60 years for a "new Practice" to be accepted, and taught, I am a little sceptical as to the Draconian content latently included. I don't have that sort of time available to me waiting for them to catch up. Do you have 60 years to wait?
The biggest load of bull I have heard is removing a Tumour to cure Cancer. What crackpot idea is this? A Tumour is a SYMPTOM not the problem. A tumour is the "Dumping Ground" for the "cancerous cells". Imagine if you jammed your finger in a door while closing it, and then burned down the house to get to the door that is hurting your finger??? Makes no sense to me! And that is how modern OM Cancer treatment is taking now.
So, what do you have to do? You have to build healthy cells with good and sensible nutrition, and the Cancer will go away and the Tumor will disappear as it appeared, or better still it will not be able to get a hold if you eat correctly, and most importantly Naturally. And this is what the following pages are about. 
I will endeavor to bring to you, in as simple terms as possible, knowledge gained during my time in SA, USA and Mexico.
I will show you the diet and supplements the Pharmaceutical and Drug companies don't want you to know about.

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