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Tissue Salts ( Dr. Schussler's )
Wilhelm Henrich Schussler, (1821-1898) was born in Zwischenaln, Germany, trained in and pursued a career in orthodox medicine. He became disallusioned with the methods of that time and re-trained in homeopathy.

The use of tissue salts is a branch of homeopathy that spans ‘true’ homeopathy and nutrition. The remedies are prepared homeopathically but are used at very low potencies (strengths), this means that active ingredients of the original substance remain in the medication. The potencies used in tissue salts are 3x, 6x and 12x, with 6x being the one most commonly used, excluding combo's. 

There are only twelve tissue salts that make up and are found in every cell in the body. Schussler found that these twelve are the salts that remain when a body is reduced to ash. His thesis was "That these must be the basic salts that every cell in the body requires in order to function normally and maintain your health. " These salts form the very basic nourishment for the body and function at the cellular level, hence the alternate names Cell Salts or Biometric Salts.

Following tables are for Educational Purposes only.
Abbreviation Full Name Derived from
1 Calc. fluor. Calcarea fluoride Fluoride of lime
2 Calc. phos. Calcarea phosphoricum Phosphate of lime
3 Calc. sulph. Calcarea sulphuricum Sulphate of lime
4 Ferrum. phos. Ferrum phosphoricum Phosphate of iron
5 Kali mur. Kali muriaticum Chloride of potash
6 Kali phos. Kali phosphoricum Phosphate of potash
7 Kali sulph. Kali sulphuricum Sulphate of potash
8 Mag. phos. Magnesia phosphoricum Phosphate of magnesia
9 Nat. mur. Natrum muriaticum Chloride of soda
10 Nat. phos. Natrum phosphoricum Phosphate of soda
11 Nat. sulph. Natrum sulphuricum Sulphate of soda
12 Silicia. Silica/silicea Silica

Unlike ‘true’ homeopathic remedies tissues salts are taken with frequency over a period of time with no worry of an aggravation. How often you take the dose during the day depends on your condition and whether it is acute or chronic - your practitioner will advise you over this. A general rule of thumb is:

Acute - dissolve the tissue salts in hot water (9 pills in 200mls for adults) and sip it every 5-15 minutes depending on the severity of the symptoms. Once improvement occurs sip every hour or two. This method is very good for the cramping, spasmodic pains of Mag. phos. e.g. period pains.

Chronic - two or three doses morning, noon and night; so an adult with a chronic illness would take 4 pills in the morning, 4 at noon and 4 at night.

The standard single dosing is:
Adults - 4 tablets
Children over 3 - 2 tablets
Children under 3 - 1 tablet
Babies over 3months - 1 tablet
For children under three the tablet can be crushed and the powder given or dissolved in a small amount of water.

Practitioners will often just prescribe one or two of the tissue salts on their own in order to deal with your problem. Each tissue salt has what we describe as a large ‘picture’ associated with it and could cover a very wide range of symptoms in a case.
As seen on the chart below.

New Era UK, also produce a range of combination tissue salts that have affinities to certain tissues or systems in the body. This makes choosing the appropriate tissue salts much easier. They are available from most health food shops and some high street chemists. The combinations are named A-S (excepting O) and are used as follows:
A sciatica, neuralgia, neuritis
B nervousness, general debility, convalescence
C acidity, heartburn, dyspepsia
D minor skin ailments, eczema, acne, scalp eruptions
E flatulence, colicky pains, indigestion
F nervous and migraine headaches, nervous people
G backache, lumbago, loss of elasticity, piles
H hayfever, rhinitis
I ibrositis, muscle pain
J coughs, colds, chestiness, catarrh
K brittle nails and falling hair
L sedentary lifestyle, conditions of veins and arteries
M rheumatic pains
N menstrual pains
P circulatory disorders
Q chronic catarrh, sinus problems
R teething in infants
S stomach upsets, biliousness, sick headaches
ELASTO aches and pains in the legs
NERVONE a nerve soother
ZIEF rheumatic aches and pains
TISSUE SALTS AND THE ZODIAC © susan clark 2009
A practitioner by the name of Dr Carey came up with an application of the use of tissue salts corresponding with a person’s birth sign. His rationale was that the body would use up a particular salt the most depending on when the person was born and that this deficiency will leave the person susceptible to certain diseases and ills. He advised that a person should take their ‘birth salt’ weekly or monthly to guard against illness.
Zodiac Sign Tissue Salt Dates
Aries Kali phos Mar 21 - Apr 19
Taurus Nat. sulph. Apr 19 - May 20
Gemini Kali mur. May 20 -Jun 21
Cancer Calc. fluor. Jun 21 - Jul 22
Leo Mag. phos. Jul 22 - Aug 22
Virgo Kali sulph. Aug 22 - Sep 23
Libra Nat. phos Sep 23 - Oct 23
Scorpio Calc. sulph. Oct 23 - Nov 22
Sagittarius Silica Nov 22 - Dec 21
Capricorn Calc. phos. Dec 21 - Jan 19
Aquarius Nat. mur Jan 19 - Feb 19
Pisces Ferr. phos. Feb 19 - Mar 20

I am not aware of any practitioners prescribing tissue salts according to the zodiac, but it is an interesting concept. I do not know how Carey came to associate each particular tissue salt to a specific zodiac sign, but it does not appear to be arbitrary. For example, Libra is all about balance (the scales) and Nat. phos. is concerned with the acid balance in the body. I am also bemused to note the fact that my own constitutional remedy is Nat. mur. and my zodiac sign is Aquarius whose corresponding birth salt is Nat. mur!

Homeopathic remedies are not prescribed as nutrients; there is a very different philosophy with regard to their application. However, I am sure many practitioners will agree with me that a person’s development will often put on a spurt after the correct constitutional remedy has been given. This is especially true when treating children, slow developing babies will start sitting, standing, cutting their teeth etc. and older children will often put on a growth spurt – almost as if the remedy has stimulated their system or increased the efficiency that they use the nutrient in their food. I have commonly seen this with such remedies as Calc. carb., Baryta. carb., Lycopodium and Sulphur among others. © susan clark 2009

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