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About Malaria
Malaria is a very serious illness which currently claims about 3000 
lives per day in Mozambique alone, and yet is treatable. We have decided to take a stand & fight this disease for those who do not have the resources available to them.  To be a voice for those who are crying out for help for their loved ones and families.  We are able to win this Malaria battle, starting with one patient and ending with Global victory.

You can start saving the lives right now?  Please read on to see how and where you are able to assist, and make all the difference.

   Become a part of an effective team NOW!  

Malaria Treatment History:

For the past few years "Serum M" has been tested in the the African Continent especially in Malawi. Extensive tests have also been conducted in Mexico* with the following immune boosting results. Malaria patients took approx 3 hours to recover completely. Certain patients with Cancers made a full recovery between 2 to 4 weeks. There are numerous other illnesses from Hair growth to Diabetes that have been successfully treated with the immune boosting qualities of "Serum M".

"Serum M" Supercharges the body's immune system to overcome most aliments caused by Germs, Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Parasites and poisons. "Serum M" only attacks the Bacteria and Viruses that are harmful to the body.

It is transported by White Blood cells as their own healing programme.
The white blood cells select targets foreign to the body, and destroy them without hesitation.
"Serum M" kills pathogens by oxidation, which results in NO chemical residues left in the body. Further the body will remain immune to Malaria parasites, for up to a year.

Simplified Treatment for Malaria:

The procedure is :- Two hours after the first dose has been given, to administer a second. Expect most of the symptoms to be gone with in four hours of the second dose. If the symptoms persist, simply a give a third dose.
If the patient is still sick, it will not be from Malaria. The entire process can be handled by people with basic "First Aid" training.

What We Will Need

*American FDA will not allow alternative trials to be conducted in the USA.

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